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Nama Japa in the Yoga of Transformation

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On the practice of Nama Japa in the Integral Yoga. "By simply repeating the Mother's name, all obstacles can be overcome." 

by Sri Ramakrishna Das
Translated and revised from the original Oriya text, this book is a passionate argument for the effectiveness of nama-japa in Sri Aurobindo's yoga. The author's premise is that through all the difficulties and arduous trials of the yoga of transformation, the safest and least difficult path is that of complete surrender to the Mother, and that the most direct way to achieve such a surrender is by the constant repetition of the Mother's name. In concise and affirming language, he describes how to use nama-japa in work, in worldly life, to overcome obstacles from within and attacks from adverse forces, and how to make its practice natural, spontaneous, and effective.
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