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Seven Quartets of Becoming

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A transformative yoga psychology based on Sr Aurobindo's diaries.

by Debashish Banerji
Soon after his arrival in Pondichery in 1910, Sri Aurobindo began a diary in which he recorded the progress of his experiences and experiments in yoga in terms of seven lines of transformative practice, which he called the sapta chatushtaya (loosely translated as the Seven Quartets). The diaries, written for his personal use and often in a type of shorthand following his own classification, were published many years later in two volumes as Record of Yoga. Banerji outlines the system comprising these seven aspects of yogic practice – peace, power, knowledge, body, being, action, and integration –, pointing out correlations and elaborations in some of Sri Aurobindo's later writings, such as The Synthesis of Yoga, The Mother, and his last written prose work, The Supramental Manifestation upon Earth. He also brings into focus modern streams of psychological philosophy and firmly situates the system presented in the Seven Quartets as a transformational yoga psychology. With index.
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