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Sri Aurobindo Came to Me

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A disciple's account of his meeting and interactions with Sri Aurobindo.

by Dilip Kumar Roy
In the complex, versatile and expansive personality of Dilip Kumar Roy one found the peculiar clash of contrasting types: the intellectual "Russellian" sceptic with the "Krishna-haunted" "Ramakrishnanian" devotee. In this book Dilip Kumar Roy reminisces about his Guru Sri Aurobindo. The theme of the book is his meeting and interaction with Him. As K.D.Sethna describes in his introduction, "Glimpses of the Ashram's activity and development, portrayals of close friends, sketches of significant situations inner and outer, disclosures of both the bright and the obscure in the author's personality, reproductions of the spirited epistolary exchanges between the "chela" and the "guru", flashings of apt anecdotes, evocations of Sri Aurobindo's rare intellectual no less than mystical genius and of the Mother's transcendent sweetness and strength all these mingle in an unstrained manner to make an unforgettable book ..."
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