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Haridas Chaudhuri (1913-1975), Bengali integral philosopher, was a correspondent with Sri Aurobindo and the founder of the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). He was born in Kolkata. He studied at the Scottish Church College and later at the University of Calcutta from where he earned his doctorate in Indian philosophy. He became a professor and later the chair of philosophy at the Krishnagar College, a constituent college of the University of Calcutta.

In 1951, Dr. Chaudhuri was invited by Frederic Spiegelberg of Stanford University to join the staff of the newly formed external link American Academy of Asian Studies in San Francisco. He accepted the invitation, eager to implement in a Western educational institution the integral approach to education that he had developed as a student of Sri Aurobindo. Soon after his arrival in San Francisco, Dr. Chaudhuri and his wife Bina established the external link Cultural Integration Fellowship, from which emerged an educational branch later to become California Institute of Integral Studies.

Over the past 30 years, the Institute's original emphasis on Asian religions and cultures evolved to include comparative and cross-cultural studies in philosophy, religion, psychology, counseling, cultural anthropology, organizational studies, health studies, and the arts. 

Chaudhuri was the first to publish in the West on Integral Psychology, during the 1970s. He postulated a triadic principle of uniqueness, relatedness and transcendence, corresponding to the personal, interpersonal and transpersonal domains of human existence. His version of Integral Psychology is unrelated to that of Ken Wilber, who has written a book of the same name.

Dr. Chaudhuri has participated in many philosophical, religious ans psychological conferences including the Silver Jubilee session of the Indian Philosophical Congress, Calcutta, 1950; US National Commission for UNESCO, San Francisco, 1957; Parliament of World Religions, University of Oregon, Eugene, 1962; Buddhists' Conference, Asilomar, 1962; UN Convocation of Religion for World Peace, San Francisco, 1965; Association for Humanistic Psychology, Miami Beach, Florida, 1970; Academy of Parapsychology and Medicine, Stanford, 1972; International Seminar on Human Unity, Government of India, New Delhi, 1972; University of California, Los Angeles (Seminars on mental health) 1972 and 1973, and others.

Dr. Chaudhuri's publications include: Integral Yoga, Philosophy of Integralism, Modern Man's Religion, Philosopy of Meditation, Mastering the Problems of Living, Sri Aurobindo: Prophet of Life Divine and others.


Sri Aurobindo: Prophet of Life Divine

An excellent introduction to the life and teaching of Sri Aurobindo.

by Haridas Chauduri
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