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Organizational Development Specialist

Pravir Malik is a change architect and strategic generalist who draws insight into potential futures through a study of global trends and patterns, systems theory, and human potential. He is the Founder of Aurosoorya, a consulting company focused on promoting Fractal Systems Architecture as a means to bring about deep organizational and systems change.

Pravir has also served as the Managing Director, Advisory Services for Business for Social Responsibility, a firm specializing in assisting corporations adopt more environmentally and socially responsible business practices. As Managing Director Pravir oversaw the Consumer Products, Food & Agriculture, and Transportation industries with advisory services responsibility over 100 member companies. Prior to that Pravir worked as an Intent Architect assisting executives in the Pharmaceutical, Information Technology, Finance, and Health Care industries gain clarity and alignment around key directions and implementation of these at the corporate level. Pravir was also a Founding Member of A.T. Kearney India and helped to bring about significant growth and brand recognition in the Indian market. He has an M.B.A. from J.L.Kellogg Graduate School of Management of the Northwestern University, Chicago, with majors in Marketing, International Business, and Organizational Behavior, an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Florida, Gainesville, with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence, and a B.S.E in Computer Engineering from the Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland. He is the author of three books: The Flowering of Management (1997), India's Contribution to Management (2000), and Connecting Inner Power With Global Change: The Fractal Ladder (2009).

Deep Order Technologies, founded by Pravir

Aurosoorya, founded by Pravir



Connecting Inner Power With Global Change

"The power to change things lies within us."

by Pravir Malik

Flower Chronicles, The

A Radical Approach to Systems and Organizational Development
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