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Sri M.P. Pandit was born in 1918 in Sirsi, Karnataka and joined the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in 1939 after graduating from the University of Bombay.  From his earliest days in the Ashram, he served as personal secretary to The Mother, who became the entire focus of his life.  With encouragement from The Mother, Sri Pandit served as Chairman of World Union International and edited its journal, in addition to The Advent and his own monthly Service Letter.  His writing career spanned six decades, publishing over one hundred fifty books and Indian journals of the day.  The scope of his interests was immense, extending from a basis in spirituality into fields as diverse as polity, psychology, science, religion and more.  Sri Pandit's books possess a global appeal and have made Sri Aurobindo's Yoga accessible to a larger public.  After the Mother's passing in 1973, he responded to earnest calls from around the world and travelled extensively both in India and the West, leaving gratitude in his wake and strengthening the spiritual aspirations of all who met him.  Fusing the ancient with the modern and life with spirituality, Sri Pandit was a symbol of synthesis.

Kundalini Yoga

A brief elucidation on the main lines of Kundalini Yoga practice.

by M.P. Pandit

Reminiscenses & Anecdotes

Reminiscences and anecdotes of the extraordinary life of Sri Aurobindo.

by Pandit, M.P.

Yoga in Savitri

Selections from and commentary on Sri Aurobindo's epic poem Savitri, from the perspective of yogic practice and experience.

by Pandit, M.P.
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