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Born at Surat in 1893, Sri Ambubhai Purani had his early education in Bombay, from where he graduated in 1913. Together with his illustrous brother Sri Chhotubhai Purani, he pioneered the gymnastic movement in Gujarat. It was at this time that he came under the spell of Sri Aurobindo and yearned to seek the path of God-realization through Yoga, as preached by the great Saint of Pondicherry. He migrated to Pondicherry in 1923 in order to practise Sadhana for Poorna Yoga at the feet of the Master. There he had the unique advantage of initiation in Yoga by Sri Aurobindo himself. He remained in the Ashram as a Sadhaka till his demise on December 11, 1965.

It was an exponent of Sri Aurobindo's philosophy that Sri Purani attained international eminence.  His masterly exposition on the life and teachings of Sri Aurobindo ranks as a standard publication on the subject.  His English rendering of the Saint's epic Savitri stands in a class by itself.  He has to his credit 50 books in Gujarati, including the translations of Sri Aurobindo's Atmasiddhi Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Vijnana Yoga, Karma Yoga and the essays on Bhagavad Gita.


Evening Talks with Sri Aurobindo/Purani (Complete)

Informal conversations between Sri Aurobindo and his disciples during two periods: 1923–1926 and 1938–1943.

as recorded by A.B. Purani

Sri Aurobindo's Savitri: An Approach and a Study

by Purani, A.B.
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