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books by the Sri Aurobindo Center for Advanced Research

Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research (SACAR), started in Pondicherry in 1998, is a research unit of the Institute of Human Study which was launched at Hyderabad in 1964. SACAR has for its objective an in-depth study of and research into the thought and vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and relate it to the present and future of India in particular, and the world in general. We encourage study of all allied thought and perspectives from other thinkers and visionaries from different cultures with an objective to offer a synthetic view of the future.

SACAR is a centre of research and learning dedicated to acquiring and implementing in all areas a new and broader perspective on human life. This new perspective has a spiritual aim and basis, and underlies and unifies the multifarious solutions and changes to be made throughout the nations of the globe. The guiding principle of all our activities is the synthesizing movement to unite in a practical and progressive way the highest spiritual realisations with the development and perfection of the outer life—two fields that have been historically the special domain of Eastern and Western nations, respectively. Our focal point in this endeavour is the spiritual knowledge and vision behind this effort of synthesis.

SACAR is NOT an institution of religious education. It is important to emphasize that the philosophy and thought of Sri Aurobindo in which SACAR specialises is NOT a religion. This integral thought addresses the global and perennial questions of the nature and significance of existence and human life in a scholarly manner.


Transformation of Consciousness in Savitri

by Kalpana Bidwaikar
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