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Wu Wei

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English translation from the original French story of Henri Borel on Daoist philosophy.

by Jhunjhunwala, Shyam Sunder
A fictional story by Henri Borel of a Western seeker meeting the sage of Shien Shan in China. Mother has referred to this book in her talks of 1956.

Translator's Preface:

"In her talks of August 15 and 29, 1956, the Mother referred to Wu Wei, a French book, which she was reading out in her Friday classes. Whenever I went through these talks, I had a wish to read Wu Wei, but for decades I could not get it. One day in September 1996, a friend brought me, unasked, a typed copy of the French version done by Pierre Bernard, published by Librairie Fischbacher S.A., Paris. I was so impressed by it that I wanted to translate it into English. Another friend made inquiries in Paris and found that the original book was published more than fifty years ago and that no English version seems to have been made yet. He procured a photo copy of the book from the publishers for which I am obliged to them. In the revision of the translation I have been happily assisted by Hamsanandan de Reede, M.A., though not a born French linguist." 

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