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Vision & Work of Sri Aurobindo

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Selections from the author's writings on the vision and work of Sri Aurobindo.

by Sethna, K.D. (Amal Kiran)
Sri Aurobindo stands for no narrow cult: he kindles a vision and initiates a work that bear on the whole human situation, meeting its most central and recurrent as well as its most external and diverse issues. Man in every mode and field the thinker and the scientist no less than the artist and the mystic man individual and man collective the modern breaker of new ground side by side with the heir of the ages is Sri Aurobindo's material for probing and guidance. Especially he is concerned with man the conscious evolving agent and with the powers within, around and beyond him that help or hinder steps towards true Supermanhood, a transformative evolution of the entire nature rather than a glorified extension of this or that group
of qualities.

The selections of the author's writings on the vision and work of Sri Aurobindo which have been put between the covers of this book were written
with an eye to the wide world of inquiring minds and questioning hearts much in harmony with Sri Aurobindo's own global vision.

Five new pieces have been added to this revised and enlarged edition; one of them is a short poem to whose opening lines the Mother paid highest possible compliment from a spiritual point of view. Many of the essays have been seen and approved for publication by Sri Aurobindo himself.
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